Cheap Driving Lessons in Dagenham
Driving lessons from £21 per hour

Automatic or Manual lessons available Dagenham, Barking & Romford, Redbridge, Havering & More. pass Test 1 week

Manual or Automatic Driving Lessons

Here at Driving lessons Dagenham (diamond drive intensive) we are specialized in dealing with intensive courses as well as cheap driving lessons to suit you our clients. Whether you are looking for an intensive course, being a beginner or having some past experience behind the wheel, we will cater to your needs.

Intensive Driving Course Essex

Our courses range from two to eight days, so if you are a complete novice or someone who needs that last extra push to be ready, Diamond Drive Intensive is the driving school for you. We as a driving school hold pride in he fact that we have been running for over twenty-five years.

We are willing to help in anyway possible be it questions about what we recommend you are most suited or any other concern please feel free to call us 01708 509798

Crash Course Essex

Why should I choose this driving school? Quite simply you deserve the best that you can afford and with Dagenham Driving School you get the help, guidance and protection of a driving school that has been established for 25 years. How many driving schools can say that?

Quick pass Driving course Essex

There are many reasons why driving lessons in Dagenham has been so successful. If you ask around, there is a very good chance that you already know someone who has passed with either weekly lessons or with one of our ever popular intensive driving courses (sometimes referred to as crash courses). Whatever you prefer to call them I can tell you that we have a first time pass rate of 85%.

With driving lessons Dagenham you can be assured that your money is safe with us. We take payments by debit card, credit card, bank transfer and of course good old-fashioned cash.

We now cover Southend on sea



Will I earn enough money in the Dagenham and Barking areas?
Will I get busy? • Can I receive extra training?
Who can I turn to for advice and support?

We support you every step of the way, guiding and supporting you through your training and the steep learning curve you will experience through your new business. We support you every step of the way, guiding and supporting you through your training and the steep learning curve you will experience through your new business.

Joining as a Trainee in Dagenham at Diamond Drive Intensive are fully aware of the emotions and concerns most trainees have when embarking on this new career.

Your Business

Diamond Drive Intensive Dagenham recognize that as a franchisee of the School you want the benefits of operating your business with the backing of a major company whilst not losing your independence. we are fully aware of this aspect and allow you that freedom and independence. We book pupils directly into your diary in the Dagenham and Barking area on the first occasion but after that. We allow you to accommodate them at a time convenient for both you and the pupil. We only supply pupils within your chosen area. We are very conscious of the dangers of over saturating an area with instructors. Instructors are only taken on if we believe that we can generate sufficient work for them

Manual or Automatic Driving Lessons
Some of the cars that we use are listed below, however our Driving School Cars are updated on a regular basis.
• Driving instructor in Dagenham with Citreon C3
• Driving instructor in Dagenham with Daihatsu
• Driving instructor in Dagenham with Ford Fiesta
• Driving instructor in Dagenham with Nissan Almera
• Driving instructor in Dagenham with Nissan Micra
• Driving instructor in Dagenham with Peugeot 208
• Driving instructor in Dagenham with Renault Clio
• Driving instructor in Dagenham with Suzuki Swift
• Driving instructor in Dagenham with Yaris
• Driving instructor in Dagenham with Vauxhall Corsa
• Driving instructor in Dagenham with Mini cooper
• Driving instructor in Dagenham with Polo

What do you want from your Driving School?

I want Driving lessons in Dagenham.

I want cheap driving lessons.

I want Driving lessons with a local Driving instructor.

I want Driving lessons that last for an hour.

I want a reliable Driving instructor in Dagenham that
Will turn up on time.

I want value for money driving lessons.

I want a Driving school in Dagenham that will not try to give me more driving lessons then I need.

I want a friendly driving instructor that knows the Dagenham area.

I want an instructor that knows the local driving test Centre routes out.

I want a Driving instructor that will teach me driving for life.

I want a Driving school that can offer intensive ,crash courses or weekly Driving lessons.

I want a fully qualified Driving instructor in Dagenham.

I want a new modern car for my driving lessons.

I want to pass my Driving test the 1
st time (Its our High priority aim)

We at Dagenham Driving Lessons say yes to all of these Requests


There is not a Driving Test Centre in Dagenham, but these Driving Test Centres are the closest to the Dagenham area

Goodmayes Test Centre
98 Goodmayes Road, Ilford, London IG3 9UZ
(Click here for a map)
Goodmayes test centre is located just off the busy High Street..
. .Barking Test Centre
84 Tanner Street, Barking, Essex IG11 8QF
(Click here for a map)
Barking test centre is located near Tanner Road. .
      Hornchurch Test Centre
75 Station Lane, Hornchurch, London RM12 6JX
(Click here for a map)
Hornchurch test centre is located just off Hornchurch high street. .

Did you Know

Dagenham first appeared in a document (as Dæccanhaam) in a charter of Barking Abbey dating from 666 AD. The name almost certainly originated with a small farmstead, the "ham" or farm of a man called Daecca, as Dæccan hamm in Old English means home of a man called Dæcca

In 1931 the Ford Motor Company relocated from Trafford Park in Manchester, to a plant in Dagenham, which was already the location of supplier Briggs Motor Bodies. A 500 acre (2 km²) riverside site was developed to become Europe's largest car plant, a vast vertically integrated site with its own blast furnaces and power station, importing iron ore and exporting finished vehicles. Many of todays Driving school cars would of originated from the Dagenham plant. Certainly the popular ford fiesta tuition car and the ford focus .By the 1950s Ford had taken over Briggs at Dagenham and its other sites at Doncaster, Southampton, Croydon and Romford.

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